Smoke free day – 11 March

Smoke free support:

You could benefit from talking to a trained advisor and give yourself the best chance of quitting successfully.

• Expert support that’s matched to your specific needs.
• Local and accessible.

Ask your pharmacy team or speak to your doctor or nurse. You can also search Smokefree to find your local Stop Smoking Service.

Stop smoking aids can help with managing nicotine cravings. You can mix and match different aids to meet your needs. Nicotine replacement therapy products can be purchased over the counter at your local pharmacy. They are most effective when used in combination – an all-day patch together with a fast-acting option such as an inhaler or lozenges. Ask your pharmacist for advice. E-cigarettes are available in vape shops, some pharmacies and other outlets. E-cigarettes aren’t risk free but they are at least 95% less harmful than cigarettes. They can be particularly effective when combined with face-to-face support. Some stop smoking medicines are only available on prescription. Talk to your GP or stop smoking advisor to find out more.

Search Smokefree for more information and advice on stop smoking aids.

AND There’s More

Right for you if you want support at your fingertips.
• See how much money you’re saving with the savings calculator.
• Get tips to help you combat cravings.
Search Smokefree in the iTunes app store or Google Play store.

Right for you if you’re always checking your social feeds.
• Swap tips with others who are quitting.
• Support and advice on Facebook Messenger at any time of the day.
FACEBOOK: /NHSSmokefree         Twitter: @smokefree

Right for you if you’d like to stay focused with daily information and motivational support.
Search Smokefree to sign up.

Available resources to view/download:
Smoking Cessation Booklet 2020.pdf
Smoking Cessation Leaflet 2020.pdf
Stop Smoking media video.mp4