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Diabetes UK Support Group Meeting

Diabetes UK Bristol Diabetes Support Group meeting “Type 2 diabetes medication options” at Beechwood Centre, Beechwood Rd, Fishponds on Saturday 14th April 2-4pm – all welcome.

Children’s Health App available


HANDi is an application that has been developed by the paediatric team at Musgrove Park Hospital to provide expert support to parents/carers and medical professionals looking after children with the most common childhood illnesses.

  • Chesty Baby (Bronchiolitis)
  • Chesty Child (Wheeze and Asthma)
  • High temperature
  • Abdominal Pain
  • Common newborn problems

Within the app you can choose the Bristol Royal Hospital for Children to tailor the information to the bristol area with imprortant contact numbers and websites. Download the apps here for Apple  and Android

Important Repeat Prescription Information

An important message from The Old School Surgery


Please be aware that if you have received a leaflet through the post from an internet pharmacy company bearing the NHS logo you are under NO OBLIGATION TO RECEIVE YOUR NHS MEDICINES FROM THEM.


The Old School Surgery has not endorsed this company and has not shared any information with them.


This company is completely separate from our local pharmacies.


Carers Assessments

The Carers Support Centre completes carer’s assessments with carers who have no current involvement with council social care services in Bristol or South Gloucestershire.

If the person you care for is not getting any support services through the council, you can request help completing your carer’s assessment form from Carers Support Centre.

We can also offer one hour assessment appointments with someone from the Carers Support Centre here at the surgery on the second Wednesday of the month, in the afternoon.  Please contact reception if you would like to book one.

More information about carers assessments can be found at How to get a Carers Assessment




How to obtain test results

It is the responsibility of the patient or carer to telephone for the results of tests at the surgery.

Please allow at least:

Blood Tests – 7 Days

Urine and Swabs – 7 Days

Xrays & Ultasound Scans – 14 days

Please speak to a receptionist on 0117 965 3102 after 11am for your results.

In some cases you may be referred to a Doctor.

For reasons of confidentiality, any test results can only be given to the patient.

Improved Access / Saturday Clinics

We are working together with other local practices to offer more appointments in the early mornings, evenings or at weekends.

We now run a clinic two Saturdays each month to improve access for patients who may find it difficult to attend the surgery at other times. We are offering routine, pre-booked appointments with either a GP or nurse. Please discuss your appointment with our receptionist and they will advise you as to the best person to see.

The following dates are confirmed

14th April 2018

21st April 2018

12th May 2018

19th May 2018

9th June 2018

23rd June 2018

7th July 2018

21st July 2018

4th August 2018

18th August 2018

1st September 2018

8th September 2018

29th September 2018

20th October 2018

27th October 2018

10th November 2018

24th November 2018

1st December 2018

8th December 2018

Dementia Awareness Campaign

Worried someone close to you is losing their memory?

Many people suffer from memory loss as they get older. But if it starts to happen on a regular basis, it could be the early signs of dementia.

What should I look for?

Dementia is not a single illness but a group of symptoms caused by damage to the brain. The symptoms include:

  • memory loss, such as remembering past events much more easily than recent ones
  • problems thinking or reasoning, or finding it hard to follow conversations or TV programmes
  • feeling anxious, depressed or angry about memory loss, or feeling confused, even when in a familiar environment

What should I do?

If you’re worried about someone who is showing the signs above, encourage them to visit their GP to get a proper diagnosis.


More information about dementia is available at  Alzheimer’s Society and Dementia Choices

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