Bristol MindLine offers a free emotional support listening service to anyone who needs to talk. They offer a friendly ear, without trying to advise or tell people what to do next. Instead they help callers to think things through for themselves.

Calls can last up to 30 minutes per evening. This allows their trained volunteers to really listen carefully to what you have to say.

People phone MindLine to talk about lots of different things, including issues to do with mental health, feelings of loneliness and isolation, self-injury, abuse, worries about medication, problems experienced accessing services and concern about a friend or family member, callers may also be carers looking to talk about the issues affecting them. Whatever callers want to talk about they will listen to the way they feel and about their experiences.

MindLine’s confidentiality policy means that callers can talk about most things in confidence, however there are a few exceptions which are explained on their website.

For more information about our Mental Health Support please go to our other pages here or here or here.

For most comprehensive information please visit UWE Wellbeing support page here