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I need Family Planning Advice

All Doctors in the practice and our Nurse Practitioner are family planning trained and can offer advice on all forms of contraception to suit each individual.  If you are considering starting contraception or changing your kind of contraception, please book an appointment with one of the Doctors.

For routine contraceptive checks (e.g. pill checks) please book an appointment with the Nurse.

Coils: Dr Boutin is qualified in coil fits. Please book a telephone appointment if you are interested and wish to discuss.

For Implanon please book an appointment with Dr Aziz for a consultation and advice before the procedure can take place.

On a Friday morning we also have a Contraception and Sexual Health Advice clinic run by a Doctor/Nurse and Receptionist they are part of the Bristol Sexual Health Service based at Central Health Clinic, Tower Hill.  They can provide all forms of contraception, Depo-Provera, implants, IUD and IUS, condoms, cervical screening and a variety of sexual transmitted infections and emergency contraception.  They also can provide advice on sexual difficulties as well as period or menopause problems.  They are also able to refer patients requiring gynaecology services if they access their service and are unable to help.  They also can help with pregnancy options and carry out pregnancy testing.  For an appointment you can ring 0117 3426900 Mon-Thurs: 09:00-19:00, Fri: 09:00-13:00, Sat: 09:30-13:00 or drop in after 10.00 a.m.  The clinic finishes at 11.30 a.m.

Further information can be found at the Family Planning Association: