Phone appointments

In response to the Covid-19 pandemic and guidance issued by NHS England and Public Health England, we are currently operating a phone first appointment model, but in line with recent NHSE guidance are seeing patients face to face where beneficial to the patient. We have found the use of new technology really suits many patients preventing the need for travel and an overcrowded waiting room, but many patients will still need to come into The Surgery and this will be discussed with you, offered and arranged as the next step after the phone contact. 

​With our phone first appointment model, we find that there are many problems that can be dealt with over the phone and we can discuss check-ups including blood tests, ECG, etc. as well as bring you in for a face to face examination, sometimes later the same day and sometimes another day after the checks are done. The clinician who phones you will discuss with you the best way of helping you with your problem and how to book the next steps. Sometimes the patient coordinator or the clinician may ask you to send in photographs usually by text or sometimes email. The clinician can also help you to do a video consultation.