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This phone App aim is to enable you to trust your recovery, understand when and where to seek help if needed and help you to prevent and manage further episodes. Your Healthcare Professionals cannot be with you 24/7 but we can.

GetUBetter is one app for all conditions – your recovery, prevention and support.

The app does the following:

  1. Provides personalised and tailored recovery which responds to how you are feeling.
  2. Supports and guides day-by-day and step-by-step.
  3. Connects you to your local healthcare providers, treatment and support services e.g. GP practice, physiotherapy or well-being services.

How it works:

  1. Your local Healthcare Provider (e.g. GP practice, Physio or Occupational Health service) will give you the app for a specific problem such as lower back pain, neck pain or knee pain (sometimes more than one).
  2. They ask you to provide an email address of your choice.
  3. This email address is used to register and link you to your local recovery journey for that problem.

For each condition you will have to answer a few questions, these help us keep you safe and guide your recovery, so thank you for your patience. We then provide all the advice, guidance, videos, simple exercises, and a symptom checker to support your day-by-day, end-to-end recovery journey.

This app incorporates the “getUBetter – lower back pain” and “Wandsworth Lower back pain” recovery apps. “A rather clever app from getUBetter, giving patients a managed Back Pain recovery program”

Important information:
This app is not a substitute for seeing a Health Professional. If you have any concerns or changing symptoms, please seek help.

The app is suitable for:

  • New or recent onset of clinical conditions (within 12 weeks)
  • If you have been advised or chose to self-manage your injury
  • Whilst you wait for treatment on the NHS, at your Occupational Health or privately (e.g. Physiotherapy)

The app is not suitable for:

  • Under 18-year old
  • People with worsening neurological symptoms (numbness, weakness, problems with bowel or bladder)
  • People with a known diagnosis such as infection, rheumatological problems, neurological problems, cancer, kidney, fracture, and pelvic organ pain
  • People that are requiring ongoing close medical intervention or monitoring
  • People with very severe, worsening symptoms
  • Pregnancy-related problems.

Please note: We aim to support you through your recovery journey. Our app is not a substitute for medical assessment or treatment and if at any point you have any concerns please seek medical advice.

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