COPD Clinic

If you have been diagnosed with COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease) you will be asked to attend a review with one of our nurses (Caroline) once a year.  The clinic will involve a test of your breathing, called a spirometry test, where you will be asked to fully empty your lungs of air into a machine a few times for measurements to be taken.  We will also discuss your treatment and assess your inhaler technique.  Prior to the appointment you MUST NOT eat a substantial meal, take vigorous exercise, smoke or drink alcohol.  It is important however that you DO take your inhalers as normal and bring them with you to the clinic.  If you have a chest infection that requires antibiotics in the 6 weeks prior to your appointment then you will have to rearrange it.  The appointment should take approximately 40 minutes but you should give yourself plenty of time as you do not want to be out of breath for the test.

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