Patient satisfaction questionnaire

Patient satisfaction questionnaire


We are asking you to complete this questionnaire today because you will be having a consultation with a pharmacist or pharmacy technician.

Pharmacy professionals are now members of the multidisciplinary team in general practice and care homes and work alongside other healthcare professionals such as doctors and nurses. Pharmacy professionals have a valuable role to play in helping you to get the best out of your medicines and making sure that you use your medicines safely and effectively.

Pharmacy professionals are experts in medicines, but no one knows better than you how you respond to the medicines you’re prescribed, how you feel about taking them and how helpful they are for you. So it’s important that you and the pharmacy professional are able to discuss your needs and wishes fully and reach decisions together.

Your views about your consultation with the pharmacist or pharmacy technician today are essential in helping to improve their skills. So we’d be very grateful if you would complete this questionnaire after your consultation today. It will only take a couple of minutes to complete and it’s anonymous so the pharmacy professional will not be able to identify your individual responses.

Please rate the pharmacy professional in relation to the eleven statements below by placing a tick in the relevant box for your rating.
1. Making you feel at ease… (being friendly and warm towards you, treating you with respect; not cold or abrupt) *
2. Letting you tell “your” story… (giving you time to fully describe any issues surrounding your healthand your medicines in your own words; not interrupting or diverting you) *
3. Really listening… (paying close attention to what you were saying; not looking at the notes or computer as you were talking) *
4. Being interested in you as a whole person… (asking/knowing relevant details about your life, your situation; not treating you as “just a number”) *
5. Fully understanding your concerns… (communicating that he/she had accurately understood your concerns; not overlooking or dismissing anything) *
6. Showing care and compassion… (seeming genuinely concerned, connecting with you on a human level; not being indifferent or “detached”) *
7. Being positive… (having a positive approach and a positive attitude; being honest but not negative about your problems) *
8. Explaining things clearly… (fully answering your questions, explaining clearly, giving you adequate information; not being vague) *
9. Helping you to take control… (exploring with you what you can do to improve your health yourself; encouraging rather than “lecturing” you) *
10. Making a plan of action with you… (discussing the options, involving you in decisions as much as you want to be involved; not ignoring your views) *
11. Overall, how would you rate your consultation with this pharmacy professional today? *