Housebound Patient Services

We are proud to offer services through our Housebound Urgent Care Team supporting our GP’s in making visits to patients in their homes when they are unable to access services at the surgery.

Our definition of ‘Housebound‘ is:

A patient is housebound if they are unable to leave their home at all, or if they require significant assistance to leave the house due to illness, frailty, surgery, disability, mental ill health, or nearing end of life. For these reasons a person who is housebound would be unable to receive their healthcare in a GP practice or Clinic.

As well as our GP’s we have two Community Nurse Practitioners who make urgent visits where required. They are supplemented by our Long Term Conditions Community Nurse who provides proactive routine health checks for our housebound patients.

If you, or someone you know in our area is housebound and would like further information on this please contact the us for more information.