Getting Urgent Medical Attention

Six simple steps to getting rapid medical help:

1. Is it LIFE THREATENING – if  YES – CALL 999

2. Are you feeling unwell or do you have an injury?

3. Unwell?

If it’s it weekdays up to 6.30pm – contact the Health Centre by phone 0117 965 3102 or call in at the Old School Surgery.

Is it’s night time (after 6.30pm) or weekends, and it can’t wait, call the night doctor (GP out of hours service) on 111.

Weekends – can it just wait till a weekday? – If no call the night doctor service above.

4. Minor Injuries?

You can go to the walk in centre in town, or the Minor injuries unit Southmead Hospital

5. Major Injuries?

Attend A&E department, Southmead hospital. A&E departments are very busy. If you have a minor medical issue, you may have to wait a significant time for treatment, or you may be directed to services above. Please think carefully before you attend A&E.

6. Or is it your Teeth?

To find your nearest NHS dentist call the Dental Helpline on 0845 120 6680 or find a dentist online.

Bristol NHS Services leaflet.pdf