If you are already taking medication to control your blood pressure we need to monitor your condition on an annual basis. This is to ensure that your blood pressure remains at an acceptable level (blood pressure tends to rise naturally as we age) and review your medication. We will also reinforce any lifestyle changes that may benefit you and perform some blood tests to ensure that your kidneys are working effectively. Due to the blood tests needed, we usually offer these appointments in the morning clinics only. Our nursing team, or one of the health care assistants can see you for these annual checks.

Please also bring in a fresh urine sample to this appointment.

Please tell the receptionists if you require a Hypertension check so that they can allocate the right amount of time.

If your blood pressure is not well controlled on your current medication, you will be asked to see Rachel Hall (our clinical pharmacist). She will discuss further treatment options with you as well as give advice on lifestyle factors, prescribe any medication needed and arrange to review you if necessary.

Further information about blood pressure can be found at: